Here you will find free video tutorials on Jira, Confluence, Scrum and Agile! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, our tutorials are designed to help you master Jira and Confluence tools and Scrum, and Agile methodologies in no time. Our step-by-step approach makes it easy for you to learn at your own pace. From Jira basics to advanced Scrum techniques, we have everything you need to increase your productivity and streamline your workflows. Start exploring our tutorials today and become a Jira Scrum and Agile master!

Jira Roadmaps

Jira Roadmaps Demystified: An Introduction for All Users

An overview of the Jira Roadmap tool and its features, demonstrating how it can be used to effectively plan and track projects and initiatives.

The Power of Jira and Confluence: An Introduction

Learn about the project management and collaboration with Jira and Confluence in this video, where we explore the key features and benefits of these popular tools.

Jira Issues Simplified: An Overview of Tasks, Bugs, Stories, and Epics

A comprehensive overview of the different Jira issue types, including Stories, Tasks, Bugs, and Epics, and how to effectively manage them within the Jira platform.

Jira Workflows and Boards: The Key to Effective Project Management

Maximize the potential of your Jira projects with a comprehensive understanding of Jira workflows and how they integrate with project boards.

Burndown Charts

Jira and Scrum: How Burndown Charts Help Track Progress and Improve Results

Maximize your Agile project management efficiency with Jira and Scrum’s Burndown Chart for tracking progress and reaching sprint goals.

Unlock the Full Potential of Jira and Confluence with Free Access

Discover the power of Jira and Confluence with free access, and streamline your project management and collaboration efforts.

The Safe Way to Delete and Restore Pages in Confluence

Learn how to safely delete and restore Confluence pages with ease and avoid permanent loss of information in this comprehensive guide.

Simplifying Content Creation with Confluence Page Templates

Learn how to improve collaboration and streamline content creation in Confluence with the help of customizable and predefined page templates.

Confluence Notifications: How to Stay Informed About Content Changes

Learn how to effectively use the Confluence watchers feature to stay informed about changes in content with real-time notifications.

Collaborating Effortlessly with the Confluence Mobile App

Discover the power of seamless collaboration with Confluence Mobile App – Your ultimate tool for efficient teamwork on the go.