Atlassian Confluence Fundamentals for Beginners

A comprehensive guide to the most important Confluence features helping teams collaborate more efficiently.

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Unleash the  team collaboration with Confluence

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Course Highlights

Introduction to Confluence

Get introduced to the leading collaboration software used by thousands of teams worldwide.

Creating and Editing Content

Learn how to create a Confluence page from scratch, how to add content and edit it.

Adding Features with Page Macros

Make your page layouts more comprehensive by using immense library of macros.

Sharing Content with Other Users

Find out how to efficiently share Confluence content with other your team.

Using Spaces to Organize Content

Discover how to use Confluence spaces to organize your content better.

Instant Access to Free Instance of Confluence

Step by step instructions on how to get access to completely free instance of Confluence.

Formatting Text in Confluence

Start with the basics (bolding, italicizing) and add advanced features (tables, columns)

Using Templates to Create Pages

With the help of templates, you will be able to create stunning pages in no time at all.

Utilize Comments for Collaboration

Use comments effectively to improve collaboration between your team members.

Integration with Jira and Other Popular Tools

Improve efficiency by sharing content between Confluence and other tools you are using.

Student Reviews

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Student Reviews


Student Rating

I had basic knowledge using Confluence at work. But this course really helped in giving me a deeper insight to how much can be done.

Andreas L.

Excellent course! Just the right amount of knowledge in just the right amount of time. Yes, it covers the fundamentals, but you will feel as though you can capably use Confluence at the end of it.

Rachel Lambert M.

Formateur très méthodique, langage clair et démarche pédagogique …

Hilaire G.

Fantastic course, explains all the basics in an accessible way, highly recommend.

Lucyna C.

Detailed, easy to comprehend and absolutely helpful content.

Pooja P.

The teacher is very focused and direct and that reflects in a good pace that grabs your attention!

Kiyoko N.

It has already opened my eyes to how JIRA can be linked with Confluence and the Roadmap that is populated by default with JIRA information! Brilliant, and this just the Intro. Love it 🙂

Sandra K.

The course is beautifully designed and explained professionally and anyone can learn this by watching the clips. This has helped me with understand and many new functionality introduced by company. please make clips for trello also. how to use and its functionalities.

Shayshank R.

I haven’t used Confluence in a few years and needed to get back up to speed quickly for a new contract job. This course was well structured and the explanations and examples provided really helped.

Nigel F.

Course Content

Introduction to Confluence

Confluence is a powerful collaboration platform that helps teams of all sizes work better together. It provides an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for hosting and sharing documents, streamlining workflow, and fostering collaboration.

To get you up and running quickly with Confluence, in this section we will provide an overview of the tool and step-by-step instructions on how to get free access to Confluence instance in the cloud which you will use for hands-on examples provided in the course.

Creating and Editing Content

Working with Confluence is a great way to share information and ideas with team members. In this section, we’ll take a look at how to set up the platform, create confluence pages and spaces, edit, format and delete pages, as well as how to use macros for more comprehensive page layouts.

With this knowledge under your belt setting up confluence spaces and working with confluence pages becomes a breeze.

Sharing and Collaboration in Confluence

With the Confluence collaboration platform, you can easily share and co-edit documents with colleagues or stakeholders. Additionally, Confluence makes it simple to interact with team members by creating comments and threaded discussions within pages, allowing for real-time feedback and quick resolution of questions and issues.

You can even set up notifications so that anyone who has access to a document gets alerted when topics or key elements are modified by another user.

Using Spaces to Organize Work

Confluence spaces are a great way to organize information in Confluence and make sure the right people have access to the documents they need. By creating different confluence spaces for each project, you can keep related documents together, making it easier for users to find what they need. Additionally, confluence spaces allow you to control who has access to view or edit documents within that space.

In this section, you will learn how confluence spaces work and how they can be used to easily organize and track information within your organization.


Confluence offers many additional features to streamline workflows and help teams collaborate efficiently. Integration with Jira and Google Drive are two especially helpful examples; using these integrations, teams can stay connected even when working on different platforms.

To find more add-ons for confluence, users can search Atlassian Marketplace for specific tools or features. Many integrations from third-party providers are available there, offering a range of ways to customize confluence while adding valuable functionality.

Course Roundup

At the end of the confluence course, we will list all of the topics discussed together with a quick summary. This summary will touch on each subject you have learned in class.

Following is optional multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the material. This quiz is designed to ensure that you fully comprehend all topics discussed throughout the course and to help build a solid foundation for your confluence skills.

Course Lessons

Section 1 – Introduction to Confluence

Lesson 1 – Introduction (3:25 min)
Lesson 2 – What is Confluence (4:11 min)
Lesson 3 – Getting Free Access to Confluence (4:36 min)

Section 2 – Creating and Editing Content

Lesson 4 – Creating Confluence Space (1:47 min)
Lesson 5 – Creating Confluence Page (5:57 min)
Lesson 6 – Editing Pages (3:19 min)
Lesson 7 – Formatting Text (5:20 min)
Lesson 8 – Using Page Macros (5:22 min)
Lesson 9 – Deleting a Page (3:49 min)
Lesson 10 – Creating a Page From Template (3:40 min)

Section 3 – Sharing and Collaboration in Confluence

Lesson 11 – Sharing Content (2:48 min) Lesson 12 – Creating Comments (3:36 min) Lesson 13 – Watching Content (2:57 min)

Section 4 – Using Spaces to Organize Work

Lesson 14 – Understanding Spaces (3:20 min) Lesson 15 – Using Documentation Space (6:19 min)

Section 5 – Integrations

Lesson 16 – Integration with Jira and Using Project Space (4:52 min) Lesson 17 – Atlassian Marketplace (6:28 min) Lesson 18 – Integration with Google Drive (6:20 min)

Section 6 – Course Roundup

Lesson 19 – Course Roundup (1:50 min) Lesson 21 – Check Your Knowledge (online test)

Course Instructor

Vlajko Knezic

Vlajko Knezic

As a seasoned 20+ year career technologist, Vlajko has led high-performance teams, ranging from technology infrastructure engineering design & support to web development teams and product development groups.

Vlajko’s career has spanned experiences as a developer, project manager, product manager, technology director, agile evangelist, and methodology leader.

He has helped many organizations improve the efficiency of their delivery by using the right tools and processes, and that knowledge and experiences are reflected in his courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? Is it going to help me do my job?

Anyone who relies on documentation in their work is a potential Confluence user. Knowing Confluence makes you more competitive on the job market as thousands of companies use it to manage their documents.

Is this a hands-on course or a theoretical course?

This course is 100% hands-on! Each concept explained is followed up with hands-on activites which are all part of the single objective to learn Confluence core features by appling them on actual documents.

Why should I use Confluence in my work?

With Confluence, you can easily create and share documents, store information in an easy-to-access format, set up discussion threads to facilitate communication, track changes easily with version control, and collaborate effectively on projects.

When can I start using what I learn in the course?

You can put your learnings to use after each lesson. Course curriculum is organized in such a way that each lesson fully covers a specific feature and if you find a feature helpful for your needs, you can use it right away.

Do I need paid Confluence license to practice what I learn?

No, You don’t need paid Confluence licence to follow up hands-on activities in the course. Free tier Confluence subscription discussed in the course is sufficient and it has no time limits. After you finish the course you can continue to use it.

I am not a Confluence admin, should I still take the course?

Yes. Although a lot of course activites require administrator privileges, even if you are not Confluence adminstrator you should still take the course and learn how to maximize efficiency of shared content.

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