We have harnessed our expertise and brewed a Jira courses to help Jira users become proficient with the tool. Our courses demystifie the complexities of using Jira and cover every aspect which an agile practitioner needs to consider while actively utilizing Jira as part of their project management routine. Our guided step-by-step approach makes learning Jira easier and more sensible, thus encouraging users to stay motivated while learning all there is to know about Jira. Alongside the Jira course, we also provide documents that further support the understanding of using this essential tool in agile projects, so be sure to check them out if you are looking for helpful tips and tricks.


Atlassian Jira and Scrum Fundamentals for Beginners

1.5 hours | 22 lectures | $69.99 Sale

Learn core Scrum concepts along with essential Jira functionality and start using Jira to manage your Scrum projects.

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Atlassian Confluence Fundamentals for Beginners

1.5 hours | 20 lectures | $69.99 Sale

A comprehensive guide to the most important Confluence features helping teams collaborate and produce more efficiently.

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Practical Jira Workflows and Boards for Scrum Projects

3.5 hours | 32 lectures | $99.99 Sale

Scrum masters, product managers and project managers hands-on guide to boards and workflows in Jira Scrum projects

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