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Learn everything you need to know about Jira and how to use it for agile and scrum project management. Our courses are taught by expert instructors and include hands-on exercises so you can apply what you learn right away.


Atlassian Jira and Scrum Fundamentals for Beginners

1.5 hours | 22 lectures | $69.99 Sale $12.99

Learn core Scrum concepts along with essential Jira functionality and start using Jira to manage your Scrum projects.

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Atlassian Confluence Fundamentals for Beginners

1.5 hours | 20 lectures | $69.99 Sale $12.99

A comprehensive guide to the most important Confluence features helping teams collaborate and produce more efficiently.

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Practical Jira Workflows and Boards for Scrum Projects

3.5 hours | 32 lectures | $99.99 Sale $12.99

Scrum masters, product managers and project managers hands-on guide to boards and workflows in Jira Scrum projects

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What is Agile

What is Agile

Discover the transformative power of Agile methodologies. Understand Agile values and principles. Get to know major benefits of Agile.